CRM & Cloud Consulting has a passion for delivering solutions built on the cloud mobile platform. This technology offers on-demand, real-time, secure access to your data, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Make critical decisions faster, engage with your customers when and where they need you and make your data work for you.

Our mission is to assist various businesses in successfully migrating to the Cloud. Our experience has taught us that a successful migration to the cloud requires more than just IT solutions. A deep understanding of other issues, such as people and process, must be aligned with the system to realize the full potential of the Cloud. Therefore, our team comprises of experts from diverse fields with insights into local businesses, expanding our offerings to meet our clients’ needs.

As CRM consultant, the company recognizes the importance of customer and thus has become very customer centric. We are proud to be in the Global Top 10 Salesforce.com consulting partner list, sorted by Customer Satisfaction, and Top 3 in Southeast Asia – rankings by AppExchange.com, Salesforce.com’s official partner ecosystem. Through customer satisfaction, we have expanded our customer base exponentially over the years across various industries.

Talk to us today about your project and how we can help. Our transparent working methodology with a group of focused, motivated, customer-centric, experienced consultant, we offer businesses and organisations a chance to truly realise the potential of the cloud mobile platform.

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Our Story

CRM and Cloud Consulting (CRM-C) was established in 2010, with the mindset of introducing and leveraging cloud technologies for companies in Thailand. We are headquartered in Bangkok with a highly skilled and motivated team that are all about getting you the solution you want. CRM & Cloud Consulting employ a full range of skills to complement our full-service offering; Business Analysis, Design Architecture, Change Management, Configuration and Development, Project and Program Management, training and full support capability. Key projects have included the deployment of Salesforce.com for 32 countries, end-to-end real estate solution, retail solutions and many more.